Publications (2018-2020)



“6 A.M.” (talking about strawberries all the time)
“7.13.13” (Hamline Lit Link)
“8.31.18” (Fleas on the Dog)
A Forest” (talking about strawberries all the time)
“A Morning in May, 2017” (The Nervous Breakdown)
“Acquaintance” (Subterranean Blue Poetry)
“Adjusting to a New City (Thank You for Your Calls)” (Modern Literature)
“Aeromexico” (The Literary Yard)
“After the Polar Vortex” (The Literary Yard)
And Yet the Strings” (Chiron Review)
Antiseptic” (Hamline Lit Link)
At Azorean Café” (The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
At Crazy Mocha (Shadyside)” (RASPUTIN)
Attending a Polo Match on the Ten Year Anniversary of My Father’s Death” (Sampsonia Way)
“Autumn” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Baby Days” (Communicators League)
“Background Stunt Performer” (Pinyon Review)
“Barrier” (Pendemic)
Blue” (Capsule Stories)
Bullfrogs” (Capsule Stories)
“Buzz Burn” (Ink Pantry)
“California Fires” (Fleas on the Dog)
Cape May Karaoke(Sybil Journal)
“Cat Endorphins” (Fleas on the Dog)
C.K.” (Fishbowl Press)” (Ghost City Review)
Click-Clack” (WINK)
Coca-Cola Commercial(Quince Magazine)
College Freshman(Erothanatos)
“Complicity” (Subterranean Blue Poetry)
“Condado Beach / Condado Tacos” (Winamop)
Crock Pot Chicken” (The Charles Carter)
Cursed, Not Cursed(In Parentheses)
* “Dad always thought I was destined” (Midway Journal)
Dandruff(Eunoia Review)
Daydrunk at Silky’s(Subterranean Blue Poetry)
“Decade Dead” (Toasted Cheese Literary Journal)
“Denial” (Hamline Lit Link)
“Denuded” (The Sock Drawer)
Dieback” (Quince Magazine)
“do you know these streets” (Northwest Indiana Literary Journal)
“Doo-Dah” (Hamline Lit Link)
Driving in Loops to Enterprise” (Confluence)
Drought” (Goat’s Milk Magazine)
“Eggs Balloons” (RASPUTIN)
“Election, 2019” (JONAH Magazine)
“Elizabeth Fraser” (Fleas on the Dog)
End of June [Transition](In Parentheses)
Erosion” (former People)
“everyone wants the glory everyone wants” (Modern Literature)
Ex at a Wedding” (Pomona Valley Review)
Excited for Something (After Depression)(Setu)
“Facebook Dating” (Setu)
“Factory Friend” (Otoliths)
Fake Pollack” (The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
Fall, 2019” (Fishbowl Press)
“Familiarity” (Plato’s Caves)
“February Craving” (Runcible Spoon)
ferns in memoriam(In Parentheses)
Fiction” (Poetry Pacific)
Film Industry Interview While Walking Bloomfield Bridge” (The Aurorean)
Fireflies Burning Blue” (The Sunlight Press)
“First Date Triptych” (Fleas on the Dog)
First Friday – Penn Avenue, January 2020” (The Headlight Review)
“First Run of 2018” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Float” (Raised Brow Press) 
For Halloween I’ll Be Jesus You Be Mary Magdalene” (Down in the Dirt)
“Forces” (The Orchards Poetry Journal)
Forests” (Time of Singing)
“Forty Degree Echo” (The Metaworker)
“French Toast” (Madness Muse Press)
Frosty(The Magnolia Review)
Grandview Heights” (RASPUTIN)
Guys at the Strip Club” (Euphemism)
“Hawaii” (Modern Literature)
Highland Square(The Magnolia Review)
Hilton Garden Inn” (Monterey Poetry Review)
Horoscope – July 20, 2017” (The Brasilia Review)
How We Talk About Settling” (Bindweed Magazine)
“Hudson” (Across the Margin)
I am thinking about envy” (Jam & Sand)
“I can feel it ending” (The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
I Cannot Stop the World” (PPP Ezine)
I do not want to sleep I want to get smashed(RASPUTIN)
I Try to Keep Your Ice Cream Cake Cold” (Dodging the Rain)
If Music Be the Food of Love(Goat’s Milk Magazine)
Ill Pizzicato(Setu)
‘I’m Not Dead, I’m Dormant!’” (Eunoia Review)
In Hollywood(Goat’s Milk Magazine)
“In Oregon” (The Literary Yard)
In the Night Time Car(Eunoia Review)
“in this city my heart is polluted” (The City Key)
“Inadequate Help” (San Antonio Review)
“July 4th, 2019” (Fleas on the Dog)
“June 19, 2019 – Shadyside” (Fleas on the Dog)
June 20, 2019 – Work(Erothanatos)
“June 22, 2019” (Winamop)
“Junkyard” (The Green Light)
Kamchatka” (Down in the Dirt)
“Kusama” (Trouvaille Review)
“Ladder” (Fleas on the Dog)
Lance Uppercutski Celebrates His Cubs’ World Series Win” (Jokes Review)
Last Memorial Day” (Selcouth Station)
Laundromat” (HeadStuff)
Limits” (Confluence)
“Live” (Sybil Journal)
Long Week(Cough Syrup Magazine)
“Love in the Time of Snapchat” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Manhattan” (Ink Pantry)
March 15, 2020” (Capsule Stories)
March 16, 2020” (Capsule Stories)
“May in Millvale” (The Orchards Poetry Journal)
Meat Trees(Cough Syrup Magazine)
“Mouth Dust” (The Oddville Press)
“Mouth Pain Lays With Me” (Fleas on the Dog)
My Employment History as Jenga Game” (Stickman Review)
My Laptop Malfunctions on Thanksgiving” (SHARK REEF)
“New Year Illusion” (The Orchards Poetry Journal)
New Year’s Party – Dining Room(Poetry Super Highway)
Nightclub” (Door Is A Jar)
no more dog for you” (Jokes Review)
North on the 101 Toward Portland” (The Local Train)
Office (August)” (Bindweed Magazine)
Oklahoma(Poetry Pacific)
Old Dad” (Impspired)
“On the table at our family” (Rat’s Ass Review)
“On Twitter Yael Asks to Be Messaged a Secret” (Hamline Lit Link)
Pabst Blue Ribbon with Cat on Lap and November Rain(The Furious Gazelle)
“Passing Claudia” (The City Key)
Patio Fires(Goat’s Milk Magazine)
Peel the Cityfruit” (First Literary Review – East)
Peony Martini” (Fishbowl Press)
Piss Christ(Harbinger Asylum)
Please Stop With These Old Photos” (New Pop Lit)
Pneumonia” (Freshwater)
“Poetry Break” (On Loan from the Cosmos)
Pool” (Door Is A Jar)
Prom at the Cleveland Zoo(Dodging the Rain)
Prop(The Magnolia Review)
Pyramids(Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“Raleigh Times Bar” (Monterey Poetry Review)
Ramen in Japantown(Triggerfish Critical Review)
“Red Lobster” (Toasted Cheese Literary Journal)
Remnant” (EAP)
Rink” (Winamop)
Roadkill” (In Parentheses)
Room Filled With Music” (Cavalcade of Stars)
Rude.” (Red Eft Review)
Rugby” (Impspired)
Rupi Kaur” (Clover & White)
“Rural-Grown” (The Metaworker)
“Rural Ruthlessness” (Erothanatos)
Rust” (Fishbowl Press)
“rust goggles” (RASPUTIN)
“Safe Basements” (I Want You to See This Before I Leave)
“Salmon” (Pomona Valley Review)
Sand” (Dodging the Rain)
Seesaw (California / Ohio)” (The Wax Paper)
Self-Concert(Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“Self-Confidence (2/26/19)” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
Self-Isolation (Day One, March 14, 2020)(American Writers Review)
“Self-Isolation (Day Twenty-Three – April 5, 2020) (Pendemic)
Self-Isolation (March 17, 2020)” (The Pangolin Review)
“Serenity Blue” (Plato’s Caves)
“Shadows” (Ink Pantry)
“Shots” (Red Eft Review)
“Six Miles In” (Modern Literature)
“Small-Town Comedian” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Sneeze” (Modern Literature)
“Some Crimson Planet” (South Florida Poetry Journal)
“Someday I’ll Enter the Kingdom”(Winamop)
Sometimes My Thoughts Still Drift West(Harvest International)
Soup Cup / Dead Life” (Fishbowl Press)
Space Force(In Parentheses)
“Stafford” (The Sock Drawer)
“Steps” (Plato’s Caves)
“Strangers” (Silent Auctions Magazine)
“Sunday” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“Swing Vote” (Raised Brow Press) 
Teenage Afternoons” (Erothanatos)
Text Text Text(Harvest International)
“The Continuum” (The Magnolia Review)
The Day After(Cough Syrup Magazine)
The Fakeness” (Blue Lake Review)
The Last Time You Called(Raised Brow Press)
“The Lion Takes Pride at the Salon” (Fleas on the Dog)
The Local News” (Fishbowl Press)
“The Moon” (The Literary Yard)
The Other Winter(Eunoia Review)
The Persistence of Memory” (Ethel Zine)
The Producer at the End of Pre-Production” (Mad Swirl)
The Similarities” (Bindweed Magazine)
The Way Things Go” (Edison Literary Review)
There Was Good Reason to Break Up Last Year” (former People)
“There’s not enough insect imagery” (Madness Muse Press)
Third Anniversary (During COVID-19)” (Pendemic)
“Thirty (and a Half)” (SCAB)
“This Morning You Texted Me” (Fleas on the Dog)
To Rich (From Irie)(Jokes Review)
To Sara (From DQ)” (The Mark Literary Review)
“Today” (The Magnolia Review)
tom hanks” (The Racket)
“Tommy Wiseau” (Pomona Valley Review)
“Tootsie Rolls” (Setu)
Trimming Trees” (U-RIGHTS Magazine)
Truffle Shuffle Lodge (Hocking Hills, 2018)” (The Light Ekphrastic)
“Trying to Move On” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Uneven Architecture” (Sybil Journal)
Unlike Reality” (DASH)
“Unravel” (Across the Margin)
“Vehicle” (Winamop)
“Viola” (Fleas on the Dog)
“Vrbo Sends an Email With the Headline ‘Vacation Homes for Two'” (Lucky Jefferson – 365 Collection)
Warp Whistle(Impspired)
“We Leave Your Studio for Sushi” (U-RIGHTS Magazine)
“West” (Setu)
When I Say I Love All Animals I Mean From Inside(The Headlight Review)
When LeBron Returned to Cleveland, I Lived in Los Angeles Wanting to Come Home” (Triggerfish Critical Review)
When you say exclusive do you mean we are alive alongside the only other life in the universe” (former People)
where we stand” (The Light Ekphrastic)
Whip Your Flame Hair Against Me(Madness Muse Press)
“Why the Butterflies” (Fleas on the Dog)
“With Your Bad Back You Should Not Lift” (Green Hills Literary Lantern)
“Writing a Break-Up Album in the Underworld of Los Angeles” (The City Key)
“Writing Daily” (The Literary Yard)
You Are Going to Kill My Mother” (American Writers Review)
You Leave to Make Art in the South(Erothanatos)
You Wanted to Practice Kissing Dave” (WINK)


A Note on Jealousy(The Fictional Cafe)
A Syzygy of Chickens(Good Works Review)
After-Work Binary” (Picaroon Poetry)
Airport Protest (January 29, 2017)” (Urtica Lit Blog)
Airport Protest in a Crumbling America(The Courtship of Winds)
Aisle” (eGoPHobia)
Aladdin’s” (Little Rose Magazine)
Alone in a Movie Theater(Rabid Oak)
Always” (Cacti Fur)
An Iceberg Splits from Antarctica” (Orange Quarterly)
An Improv Game(The Fictional Cafe)
Android to Apple(The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
Another Drunken Summer” (Kissing Dynamite)
At the Edge” (Total Eclipse)
Autumns by the Ocean” (Plum Tree Tavern)
Balance” (Vamp Cat Magazine)
Barclaysville, North Carolina” (COG Magazine)
Beach” (Ghost City Review)
Bird Boredom(Ink in Thirds)
Blown-Minded” (Cacti Fur)
Blur” (Pacifica)
Boats Towers(eGoPHobia)
Boneless Wings” (Hedge Apple)
Bowie” (Hello America)
Can’t Strategize Depression(COG Magazine)
Cedars-Sinai(Hedge Apple)
Chiaroscuro” (Vamp Cat Magazine)
Cigs(Hedge Apple)
Cocktail Hour in the Wardrobe Department(Goat Farm Poetry Society: Edges Zine)
Commercial Compost(Pomona Valley Review)
Commitment” (The Cannon’s Mouth)
Competitors” (Ariel Chart)
Condensation” (Live Nude Poems)
Couch Talk” (Carpe Bloom)
David, Sasha, Anthony” (River Poets Journal)
D.C.” (The Literary Nest)
Developing” (COG Magazine)
Dinosaur Wedding” (Columbia College Literary Review)
Dinosaur” (LEVITATE)
Dishwashing” (borrowed solace)
Disney” (Peeking Cat Poetry)
Distance Makes the Heart” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
draft” (datura)
Dream with Patchwork Moon” (Vagabond City Lit)
Drinking a Rhinegeist Truth” (datura)
Elsewhere” (Ariel Chart)
Engagement(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Existential Food Poems” (Bindweed Magazine)
Exorcism” (Studio One)
Father Monster” (Neologism Poetry Journal)
First Christmas Together (24hr Neon Mag)
Flood” (Plum Tree Tavern)
Fog Machine” (Free Library of the Internet Void)
Forks and Merges” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
Frosted Flakes” (Goat Farm Poetry Society: Edges Zine)
Giant Portrait(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Good Friday” (Cirrus)
Goodbye to Working at Panera” (Northampton Poetry Review)
Grand Canyon” (Vamp Cat Magazine)
Grill” (Juke Joint)
Guacamole(Pomona Valley Review)
Halloween Party – A Year After the Synagogue Shooting” (Carpe Bloom)
Harpist(Hedge Apple)
Hive” (Chronogram)
Hot Sauce” (Adelaide)
Houses Look Like Faces When You’re Lonely” (Botticelli Magazine)
How to Play with Food / Scarcity” (Rabid Oak)
Humanity Is a Pre-Existing Condition(45 Poems)
* “Hurricane, 2017(The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
I am waiting for my habits to change” (datura)
I Call Bullshit Upon the Throat of My Art” (Eunoia Review)
I Drank Yesterday; Your Socks Had Cats on Them” (Philosophical Idiot)
i met tom hanks” (Nixes Mate Review)
Impermanence” (Hamline Lit Link)
In Pittsburgh, the First Time,” (Bindweed Magazine)
In the Woods We Talk What Matters” (Plum Tree Tavern)
In Waves” (Creative Writing Ink Poetry Contest Winner)
Individual Importance” (Remington Review)
Invisibility (NYC)” (Pif Magazine)
Interview with Marissa at Panera” (The Literary Nest)
January 20, 2018” (Southern Florida Poetry Journal)
July 4th, 2018” (Botticelli Magazine)
Junior Year English(Loch Raven Review)
Littlelamp Littlelamp” (The Broken City)
Local Bar’s Annual Water Balloon Battle” (Cabildo Quarterly)
Lorde” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
M&M” (Eunoia Review)
McDonald’s Delivery” (Hamline Lit Link)
Medicated Anticipation(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Mixed Kid” (WINK)
Murakami” (Pif Magazine)
“Nearly December & You Have Moved” (Home Planet News Online)
New July” (Adelaide)
NYE, 2010” (datura)
Oasis” (Adelaide)
One Example of Privilege – December, 2016” (Pomona Valley Review)
Orchestra / SpaceX” (Orange Quarterly)
Ouija” (streetcake)
Panera” (Adelaide)
Panera Dress Code” (Northampton Poetry Review)
Past 4 A.M. at Pizza King” (children, churches, and daddies)
Pillar of Salt” (Carpe Bloom)
Pink Sky Over Prague” (Cirrus)
Red Bricks, Gray Sky” (Rue Scribe)
Remnants” (I-70 Review)
rubber ducks were in the river oh it was a game” (Uppagus)
Say Grace at the Drive-Thru” (Visceral Uterus)
Scenery(The Knicknackery)
Showdown(The Fictional Cafe)
Slices” (The Oddville Press)
Solace” (Dime Show Review)
Sonoran(Academy of the Heart and Mind)
Soon” (indefinite space)
Spirit (Green Autumn)” (Pretty Cool Poetry Thing)
Square Cafe” (24hr Neon Mag)
Steph(COG Magazine)
Summer Flu” (The Cannon’s Mouth)
Summer Gathering” (Z Publishing’s Emerging Poets Anthology, 2019)
Terminated” (The Fictional Cafe)
Text to Myself” (The Heartland Review)
That Summer I Still Believed in Everything” (riverbabble)
The Gym” (Phenomenal Literature)
The Sudden, Intangible Heart” (Kingdoms in the Wild)
The Uncertainty Principle” (The Courtship of Winds)
The Violent Tendencies of Men(children, churches, and daddies)
“The Weeds Went Wild With You Gone” (Home Planet News Online)
Time Already Told” (Kingdoms in the Wild)
Transition” (Penmen Review)
Travels” (eGoPHobia)
Tree of Life” (Thin Air Online)
Trunk” (bluepepper)
Tuesday Night Karaoke at Hounddog’s Pizza” (MORIA)
Two Guys, Two Gallons of Yuengling, Two Plastic Jugs, and a Third Arrives Later with a Six-Pack of Yuengling(The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
Valentine Pizza Risk” (8 Poems)
Walking in Rain” (COG Magazine)
Welcome” (Datura)
Writer(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Writer’s Block” (Tipton Poetry Journal)
x (miss)(eGoPHobia)
You ask for a dolly, I offer a hand(Academy of the Heart and Mind)
you got married saturday” (ActiveMuse)
You Only Post on Instagram When in Other Countries(Lines + Stars)


2014(The Literary Yard)
2017 Mantra(The Wayward Sword)
22 Degrees(Whistling Shade)
45 X 1 = 45 (Divided by _____)(New Pop Lit)
60%” (S/WORD)
A Good Relationship(Triggerfish Critical Review)
** “A Month of Mouth Pain(Neologism Poetry Journal)
Academic Alcohol Consumption(Soft Cartel)
Advertising(Sooth Swarm Journal)
Advil(The Wayward Sword)
After Months of Living in My Ford Fiesta(TreeHouse: An Exhibition of the Arts)
After the Funeral, Facebook” (The Stray Branch)
All We Talk About Are Bugs(Thirteen Myna Birds)
Always the End Is Darkness” (Grasslimb Journal)
An Extinct Fish Watches an Episode of Planet Earth(Canyon Voices Literary Magazine)
Anthem(Cabildo Quarterly)
Anywhere, USA(The Tau)
Apology after Drunken Blackout(Columbia Journal Online)
Arcade Bar(Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal)
Athens, Ohio” (The Stray Branch)
Atmosphere(Ohio Edit)
Backroom(The Literary Yard)
Baggage Claim(50GS)
Bars Are Getting Louder(Kettle Blue Review)
Become Whole with Yourself(Indiana Voice Journal)
Before You Leave for Jacksonville(Epigraph Magazine)
Blendoku(Soft Cartel)
Bloody Mary(We Are a Website)
Blue Beetle(Pouch)
Boredom(Umbrella Factory)
Brisk Walk(Cafe Aphra)
Bronchitis on the Set of New Girl” (Chronogram)
By the Ocean” (Common Ground Review)
Can’t Stop Coughing(Hamline Lit Link)
Canton Central Catholic(Cabildo Quarterly)
Checking the Mail(EgoPHobia)
Cloud(The Literary Yard)
Coma(The Magnolia Review)
Complicit(Rise Up Review)
Country Music(#thesideshow)
Crickets(Furtive Dalliance)
Cutting Pita(The Literary Yard)
DAPL(Sheila-Na-Gig Online)
Dark Night of the Soul(Little Rose Magazine)
Dead Whale(former People)
Dean’s Birthday(The Heartland Review)
Death, 2009 (College)” (8 Poems)
Deciduous(Kettle Blue Review)
Diffusion / NBA Finals, 2016” (The Drunken Llama)
Distant” (The Stray Branch)
Do You Believe in God? Climate Change?(Amethyst Magazine)
Dogsleep(The Virginia Normal)
Dream With Hurricane(Hollow Tongue)
Driving Cross Country(Epigraph Magazine)
Earth Angel(Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal)
Editing Room(Street Light Press)
Electrons(Thirteen Myna Birds)
End of Relationship (Winter)(Indiana Voice Journal)
Endless August(The Wayward Sword)
Endless Search for Art(Penumbra Art and Literary Journal)
Enough(The Magnolia Review)
Every Movement of the Sun(KAIROS)
Facts” (The Stray Branch)
False Alarm(Columbia Journal Online)
Fantasy After a Few Good Dates(The Wire’s Dream)
Fear of Dancing(The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
Five-Dollar-Burger Monday” (SHANTIH Journal)
Flowers(*82 Review)
For Erica(Reservoir)
Further, Further(The Blue Pages)
Geoff Asks Me to Make Broth(LEVELER)
* “Getting Sober(Rattle)
Give Me Another Few Years(Every Pigeon)
Ghost Pepper(taxicab magazine)
God Poem(Soft Cartel)
Grandma, Half-Underwater(The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
Greyhound” (Thin Air Online)
Grief Poetry” (Z Publishing: Emerging Poets Anthology)
Headshots, 2013(The Wire’s Dream)
High Street Construction(Literary Orphans)
History Abstract(Reality Hands)
Homesick (Dissociation)(bluepepper)
Horoscope – May 13, 2017(Construction)
How to Be Proud(EgoPHobia)
Human Light & Loudness(After the Pause)
I Forgot I Was Drinking(Flypaper Magazine)
I Had a Problem(Uppagus)
I Think of Giraffes Sometimes. I Hope They Sometimes Think of Me.(Hobart)
If a Body Is a Temple(Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology)
I’m Coming Home(RAW Journal of Arts)
Illusions(Hamline Lit Link)
In Charleston, the Day After the Shooting (2015)(The Magnolia Review)
In Hindsight, They Put the Dog Down” (I-70 Review)
In His Youth(The Wayward Sword)
In This Cafe You Thought You’d Find Solace from This World(IthacaLit)
In Your Apartment for the First Time in Months” (Every Writer)
Inland(The Wayward Sword)
Instagram(The Magnolia Review)
January 28(Stickman Review)
July(Abstract Magazine)
Justin Bieber Finally Joined Snapchat!(The Wire’s Dream)
Kentucky Murder Mystery(#thesideshow)
Kitchen Window(Furtive Dalliance)
Kompromat(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Kylie’s at the Ohio State Game(Qwerty)
Last Night’s Bonfire at My Desk” (Freshwater)
Last Night You Took My Keys & I Need Them(Columbia Journal Online)
Late(Umbrella Factory)
Lavvy(Crack the Spine)
Leaving California(streetcake)
Legalese(Botticelli Magazine)
Lemons(Ink & Nebula)
Let Go(Pif Magazine)
Let’s Make a Deal(New Pop Lit)
Life Moves Fast(Visceral Uterus)
Lingerin’ ‘Til the Singularity” (Black Dog Review)
Long California Showers(Pidgeonholes)
Loose Morality” (Poetry Quarterly)
Los Angeles Air Withered / Me(Neologism Poetry Journal)
* “Losing Another One(New Pop Lit)
Lost Attraction(Hobart)
Lunch with an Old Friend(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Lyft Shift (2/9/17)(Scarlet Leaf Review)
Marshmallow in the Microwave(Umbrella Factory)
Meditation on Muscle Memory” (Pirene’s Fountain)
Memories of You Abuzz Alight Aflight A Kite(The Virginia Normal)
Memory(Wizards in Space)
Memory Foam” (Ariel Chart)
Mid-December” (The Coachella Review)
Mint(Cold Creek Review)
Morning Reflection(Botticelli Magazine)
Mouth(taxicab magazine)
Multnomah Falls Spits Mist onto My Glasses(Pif Magazine)
New Franklin, Ohio(Packingtown Review Journal)
Nine-to-Five(Furtive Dalliance)
No Words After the Election(Pangolin Review)
North Carolina Wedding(Razor Literary Magazine)
Notes on a Poem at a Bar(Delphinium)
Numbered Days(former People)
Office Job (August 18, 2017)(EgoPHobia)
Olive Garden(After the Pause)
Our Cafe as Morning Vacation(The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
Our Neighborhood Giant Eagle Is Closing(Ohio Edit)
Overlooking the Ravine(Roanoke Review)
Penny / Heart(Panoplyzine)
Pins” (Corvus Review)
Plea(The Wayfarer)
Portrait of a Kitchen(Poetry Pacific)
Power Lines(Apricity Press)
Profile Pictures” (Wilderness House Literary Review)
Rain Again(Rosette Malificarum)
Rain Dance(Botticelli Magazine)
Rain Washes Away Nothing(Gyroscope Review)
Red Brick (Tavern)(The Literary Yard)
Reviewing Geometry for the GRE: First Lesson(petrichor)
Room Where a Plant Can’t Breathe(Thirteen Myna Birds)
Shakey Graves” (Black Dog Review)
Shifting Junes” (This Zine Will Change Your Life)
Shut the Freezer Door(Visceral Uterus)
Silica(Burningword Literary Journal)
Sleep Paralysis(The Tau)
Sleeping in My Car, I Fear Thunderstorms Again(Rust + Moth)
Slosh(Neologism Poetry Journal)
SpaghettiOs(The Oddville Press)
Sticky Rice(Bitterzoet Magazine)
Straightening Hair(Sunlight Press)
Stranded(Sunlight Press)
Stray(The Literary Nest)
Stuck in an Elevator(Literary Yard)
Submerge(Zany Zygote Review)
Sunday Funday(Central American Literary Review)
Sunrise(Old Red Kimono)
Sunshine Daydrinking” (Edison Literary Review)
Switches(3Elements Review)
Tea” (Common Ground Review)
That Conversation We Delayed(#thesideshow)
The Apple and the Moon(Man in the Street Magazine)
The Appointment of the Special Counsel(Rabid Oak)
The Blinds” (Grasslimb Journal)
The Busier the Kitchen the Filthier the Dishes(Stickman Review)
The Drone of Faceless People(Scarlet Leaf Review)
The Employment of Dreamers(Flypaper Magazine)
The Hours(Sheila-Na-Gig Online)
The Last Poem I Will Write in 2017” (Jenny)
The Stewardess(The Inflectionist Review)
The Overlook at Baldwin Hills(Soft Cartel)
The Strip (Vegas)(Soft Cartel)
To Paige (From Jack), 2017(Delphinium)
Two Workouts(Indiana Voice Journal)
Umbrella(The 1932 Quarterly)
Unemployment Dirge(Foliate Oak)
Used to Play Baseball” (First Literary Review – East)
Valentine’s Box(#thesideshow)
Valley Kids(Poetry Super Highway)
Wall, Edge, Chandelier(streetcake)
We Call Our City ‘Garden‘” (Peeking Cat Poetry)
* “We Try on Masks at Dollar General(Midway Journal)
We Will Pour and Pour(Cabildo Quarterly)
West Covina Cormorant(The Wayfarer)
Whale Fortune(Rabid Oak)
When I Start Drinking Again(Poetry Super Highway)
Widow(Oyster River Pages)
Winter’s End(Toe Good)
You Say the Songs I Like Are the Ones I Can’t Sing(Fourth & Sycamore)
Young(The HitchLit Review)
Your New Life in Columbus Via 71 South(Central American Literary Review)
Your Teeth, My Teeth” (First Literary Review – East)
Zen of the Clattering Ceiling Fan(The Bitchin’ Kitsch)

*  Nominated for Best of the Net Anthology
**  Nominated for Pushcart Prize