The Fakeness

Her eyes shine a sparkle tinder–
quick hello and let’s get lunch yet never
follows up. Easy to make plans like that,
look a person in the soul and never let them go
forth thinking you didn’t care.


(originally published in Blue Lake Review, Spring 2020)

Tiger Balm

Nice to pretend
there’s a thing all-healing.
It’s early spring and we both
ache– my mouth, your stomach.
Searching for remedy we lay
leglocked in bed to distract
ourselves with affection
but smell of Tiger Balm.
You like its touch, I like
the texture– the initial
dipping into hope that
maybe we’ll find relief
in the burn it leaves
in the air, or in my hand
on your stomach,
then in your hand.


(Originally published in Poetry Super Highway, Summer 2017)