I want to breathe dirty
cigarette lungs
into the bed grime you say it

is time to bless the sheets
with renewal so we spin
around the laundromat

hand-in-hand do-si-do
though strangers stare
hard monosyllabic

menace to shoe-
dirt joining dust
on the sweaty

floor sex stomps
one body over another
until detergent

soaks threadbare


(originally published in HeadStuff, Spring 2020)

Office (August)

is this how you spend your days? laundry
filthy as furniture.
                     the room cold between two
worlds. I am awash in
transition: upbringing /
give me a place to call home
I am stuck in the wedge
       wanting nothing
but your long arms around
the circumference of
my body. here is
the ticking clock
                  a timepiece
allowing sea change
along the equator
east of my brain sees desire in
a sleeping blanket. I am trying
to wrap my mind around
the absence
                    of the life it


(originally published in Bindweed Magazine, Winter 2020)