A Forest

In the beginning was lake
salt on our skin, wind deep
breathing with us in grass.

That was years ago, when
the woods were as open
to being endless as we were.

I want to be lost again
in a labyrinth of pines–
fighting our way through

cicadas singing lovesongs–
to find the water, and
emerge needing your air.

(originally published in talking about strawberries all the time, Fall 2020)


     organ of the trees ring
                                             the heart’s synthetic beating

         the stepstep crunch
                                               of leaves a drumbreathe



                the forest i lose
                              me          the eye leaves


       somewhere someone sees me

                                                        whose real

                                              of body


                                     how corporeal the limbs
                               these purple nights return


(originally published in Kettle Blue Review, Fall 2018)