I want to breathe dirty
cigarette lungs
into the bed grime you say it

is time to bless the sheets
with renewal so we spin
around the laundromat

hand-in-hand do-si-do
though strangers stare
hard monosyllabic

menace to shoe-
dirt joining dust
on the sweaty

floor sex stomps
one body over another
until detergent

soaks threadbare


(originally published in HeadStuff, Spring 2020)

Memory Foam

here I look at the same room I’ve spent many nights in
the diffuser diffusing the world’s hues into you & me
the cat composed of smoke
Sara takes a sick day & the room crawls with veins
I watch my own age spiderweb into me flipping pages in a manuscript
this room is made of hair this room breathes fur webs
this is what brains are made of
every imprint of hand
when you sit down this bed this ocean floor this beginning


(originally published in Ariel Chart, Fall 2017)