Indebted to Entanglement

When I look at a pool blue
sky, I see flesh, the dried sweat

in clouds. My thoughts are grotesque
to myself. Incense smoldering.

A trembling abstraction. I know–
in theory– I am not indebted

to you. The space beyond our knot
is eternal. Every night, my brain tells me

nothing may be beyond your control,
but each day I wilt at the irresistible.

(originally published in MONO., Spring 2022)

Please Stop with These Old Photos

it’s too much pain to view them in my brain
the brain hungry the eyes always feed it

processes everything as sadness I eat the cosmos
with sight yet fixate on what I have

lost everything a miracle of blood and dust
around me and in the fog I loop December

nights with the dull orange parking lot lights
we walked under to get home and in my hand

there are snapshots of us holding hands
everywhere in the known universe!

(originally published in New Pop Lit, Summer 2020)