Endless August

I have swam your blue eyes enough
to know the color of the ocean.

We rise ethereal with laughter and smoke
below hanging lights which drift through

time, Bulleit in our blood.

Months will pass before
we talk our pasts again.

Until then I am content on
the sun-steel chairs to wait.


(originally published in The Wayward Sword, Summer 2018)

“A Man Bears Beliefs as a Tree Bears Apples”

 -Ralph Waldo Emerson

pleading with a red delicious begging god for good
even though I cannot process Jesus I still chew and
spit seed and you walk over the guts of me with your
shoes on sidewalk in the sweltering August of laying
in grass whispering love between dandelions so much
we’re sprouting from dirt in ugly ways all thorn
and bloom overgrown with each other there are
no gloved hands around anymore to pull us out


(originally published in Bluestem, Spring 2017)