Publications (2021)



“Our Past Leaves” (December 2021, Kelsay Books/Alabaster Leaves Publishing)


“2.16” (Ariel Chart)
“28th Street Bridge” (where is the river)
“32nd Birthday (Quarantine)” (Windows Facing Windows Review)
“A Forest” (Sybil Poetry Journal)
“Acre” (The Subnivean)
“Airplane of Ember Leaves” (Ariel Chart)
“Anesthesia” (Lakeview International Journal)
“Body” (Agony Opera)
“Boneless / Bells” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
“Cabernet” (Lakeview International Journal)
“Carcass” (Willows Wept Review)
“Career” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“Cleaning a Room Is a Tornado of Cords” (Marías at Sampaguitas)
“Clearing My Throat Before the Water” (Marías at Sampaguitas)
“Courier” (Uppagus)
“Cracked Windshield” (Kingdoms in the Wild)
“Delivery” (Freshwater)
“Descendant of the Big Bang” (The Subnivean)
“Din” (The Subnivean)
“Disc Golf” (Penmen Review)
“Drowning in a Small Bowl” (Unique Poetry)
“Entropy at Highland Square” (Marías at Sampaguitas)
“Falling Rock” (Bond Street Review)
“For Once I’d Like to Hear You Over My Brain” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“For M.P.N.” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“For Ron Monstera” (Unique Poetry)
“Gaze Down Not Eyes” (The Subnivean)
“House of Miracles” (Home Planet News Online)
“House-Sitting in Los Angeles, 2015” (Agony Opera)
“I Always Avoided Landscaping” (San Diego Poetry Annual)
“I have been having nightmares of a police state” (Good Cop/Bad Cop Anthology – Flowersong Press)
“I worked too much this week” (Sybil Poetry Journal)
“In bed my feet touching your leg” (Ariel Chart)
“Indie Film Production” (where is the river)
“Leak” (White Wall Review)
“My Privilege” (Good Cop/Bad Cop Anthology, – Flowersong Press)
“Nearly December & You Have Moved” (Home Planet News Online)
“Old Journals” (Thirteen Myna Birds)
“PGH / Capitalism / Aimless” (Thin Air Online)
“Phases of Education” (White Wall Review)
“Plot” (Avatar Review)
“Pre-Alcoholic” (Red Rover Magazine)
“Reasons to Leave” (Avatar Review)
“Red String” (Agony Opera)
“Scattered Branches” (Agony Opera)
“September 22, 2020” (Academy of the Heart and Mind)
“September Pool Rental” (where is the river)
“Sketches of Buildings” (where is the river)
“Sock Puppets” (Unique Poetry)
“Space Puzzle” (Home Planet News Online)
“Spies” (White Wall Review)
“Sports Car” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
“Spring, 2020” (Marías at Sampaguitas)
“St. Patrick’s Day, 2017” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
“Still Quarantined” (Unique Poetry)
“Stomach-Something” (Agapanthus)
“Sugar Makes You Sad” (Agony Opera)
“Tetris” (Sybil Poetry Journal)
“The Rotation of Bicycle Wheels” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
“The Solipsists” (The Subnivean)
“The Weeds Went Wild With You Gone” (Home Planet News Online)
“There must be a road to this” (Lakeview International Journal)
“Tragedy Came Later. For Now– A Good Moment.” (Unique Poetry)
“Two Days Before Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bernie Ends His Campaign” (Marías at Sampaguitas)
“Working the Cologne Department at Macy’s, 2010” (Tipton Poetry Journal)
“Zoo / Depression” (Visceral Uterus)