Excited for Something (After Depression)

must be the upcoming road
trip to Portland, to return

briskly in love with

I haven’t seen
in years

and work on my state
her living room

where lamps float
sails on a lake room

(originally published in Setu, Summer 2020)


My mind was split in two–
there was unreality. And then you two,
David and Anna. We were on the dancefloor
at Phipps conservatory when David asked
me to be Best Man. When I said hell yeah,
an octogenarian gave his all to Daft Punk
on a dancefloor that’s hosted hundreds
of weddings. I was writing a screenplay
in my mind that already I have forgotten.
But it probably involved a forever love,
a lotus, and a flytrap. We went outside
to see bullfrogs, to leave the indoor heat,
and there was a chorus in the swamps,
unexpected baritones and falsettos
we could not anticipate. A cool breeze
contrasted earlier heat, and rain, and
in the end I was with my friends, singing
with bullfrogs their forever songs
that will– I hope– outlast us all.


(originally published in Capsule Stories, Spring 2020)

The Producer at the End of Pre-Production

gorge on whoppers we’re making a movie

this bag of salmon we’re making a movie

sleeping pills we’re making a movie

thirteen hours plus we’re making a movie

I won’t eat pizza we’re making a movie

Caesar salad in the storm we’re making a movie

no one goes home we’re making a movie

watery leftovers we’re making a movie

dropkicked phones we’re making a movie

at the paper cutter we’re making a movie

beets at crafty we’re making a movie

there’s nothing to eat we’re making a movie

thousands of packages we’re making a movie

we’re making the movie Monday what will you be doing

are you going to miss us we’re making the movie

(originally published in Mad Swirl, Summer 2020)