Publications (2013-2017)

Chapbook – ‘The Frayed Edge of Memory‘ (Writing Knights Press, 2017)
Micro-chapbook – ‘the vacant hinge of a song‘ (Origami Poetry Project, 2016)



(There Are Spiders Everywhere)” (Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction)
A Bad Job of Holding Onto” (OVS Magazine)
A Date with Doubt” (Zingara Poetry Picks)
A Horse Runs” (The Neglected Ratio)
A Karaoke Machine for Your Birthday” (Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction)
‘A Man Bears Beliefs as a Tree Bears Apples’” (Bluestem)
A Prescription for Yourself” (Slamchop Journal)
Addiction” (1001 Journal)
After Palm Springs” (#thesideshow)
After the Lancaster Beer Festival” (Serving House Journal)
After the Stroke” (Steam Ticket)
Alarm Clock” (FORTH)
Animalism(The Oddville Press)
An Oncoming Train” (Four Ties Lit Review)
Ant Gel” (Abstract Magazine)
Aria” (#thesideshow)
Artificial Bone” (Page & Spine)
Automobile” (Stonecoast Review)
Back Patio” (CultureCult Magazine)
Background Actors” (Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction)
Bedside Light” (Oddball Magazine)
Before We Stepped Outside” (Gnarled Oak)
Birdsongs” (Rat’s Ass Review)
Blank Space” (Ginosko Literary Journal)
Bowling” (The Magnolia Review)
Breakfast” (The Remembered Arts Journal)
Brushing” (Long Story Short)
By the Door(Northampton Poetry Review)
Caterpillars” (The Quiet Letter)
Cheating(The Squawk Back)
Cheez-It(Unlikely Stories Mark VI)
Christmas Tree(Abstract Magazine)
City to City” (
Comedy Writing” (Typehouse Literary Magazine)
Comfest, 2016” (The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles)
Consuming Raw Chicken” (The Blotter Magazine)
Creatures of the Dark” (Central American Literary Review)
‘Democrats 2018. I mean, have you seen the other guys?’” (The Neglected Ratio)
Disturbances” (In-flight Literary Magazine)
Dry Lips” (Off the Coast)
Duplex” (The Bond Street Review)
East Through California (Outcast Poetry)
Eggs” (SPANK the CARP)
Entropy” (Maudlin House)
Existential Ketchup(FLAPPERHOUSE)
Ephemeral Garden” (Zany Zygote Review)
Even Netflix Is in Debt(The Rising Phoenix Review)
Eyes (Planes)” (Ginosko Literary Journal)
Fast Love” (Jenny)
Fidget Spinner” (Cabildo Quarterly)
Five Minutes: Rain” (The Quiet Letter)
Forming a Habit of Light Jogging” (The Indianapolis Review)
Forsythia” (Sheila-Na-Gig Online)
Fortune Cookie (May 9, 2017)” (Landfill)
Forward” (Nixes Mate Review)
Garden” (Ground Floor Drinkers)
Green Grass” (#thesideshow)
Gunshots” (The Blotter Magazine)
Half” (Serving House Journal)
Heart Surgery(The Icarus Anthology)
Horoscope – May 12, 2017” (Yes, Poetry)
Horoscope – July 16, 2017” (Califragile)
I Used to Film the Ocean” (#thesideshow)
I’m Fine” (OVS Magazine)
If Nothing Else Changes, We’ll Still Say Fall” (Raw Dog Press)
In a Mouth / In a Pool” (After the Pause)
In the Future” (CircleShow)
In the Office During a Storm(Unlikely Stories Mark VI)
In Time” (Street Light Press)
Infinite Strings” (Columbia College Literary Review)
It’s Getting Cold” (Bop Dead City)
Kiss of the Cantaloupe(The Penmen Review)
Kite” (Up the River)
Kurt Says There Is No Such Thing as Information Loss” (After Happy Hour Review)
Landfill” (KAIROS)
Landscapes” (Uppagus)
Lethargy(DMQ Review)
Library Days” (Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction)
Like a Penny on a Sidewalk” (Eunoia Review)
Literature” (#thesideshow)
Look Up in Summer(The Blackstone Review)
Love Poem (2014)” (Eunoia Review)
Maggie” (Postcard Poems and Prose)
Marilyn Monroe” (Gyroscope Review)
Mechanics(The Good Men Project)
Mirror” (Typehouse Literary Magazine)
Models” (Califragile)
Mom Recalls How Dad Used to Walk for Miles” (Every Writer)
Mortality as First Date(Pif Magazine)
Mud” (Califragile)
My Ford Fiesta Gets Around Forty Miles Per Gallon” (CircleShow)
My Smartphone’s Fingerprint Sensor Cannot Detect Me” (CultureCult Magazine)
November, 2014” (Ginosko Literary Journal)
Old Friend on the Patio” (The Borfski Press)
Old Songs” (Bitterzoet Magazine)
On the Precipice of Long-Distance” (The Write Place at the Write Time)
On the Walk to the Polling Place(The Rising Phoenix Review)
Ouija Board” (Here Comes Everyone)
Our Bodies Connected(Neologism Poetry Journal)
Pale Horse” (The Blotter Magazine)
Paradox” (Misty Mountain Review)
Poetry Workshop” (minor literature[s])
Polyamory” (Edison Literary Review)
Pool-Blue” (GNU Review)
Potato(The Icarus Anthology)
Punch Me in the Gut of Sadness(Home Planet News Online)
Racist Barber” (Eyedrum Periodically)
Reading Through an Old Journal” (Ginosko Literary Journal)
Real Shit” (Cease, Cows)
Rebirths” (Right Hand Pointing)
Resurrection” (Chantwood Magazine)
Rewind” (Gyroscope Review)
Root Canal” (Off the Coast)
Rotational Quantum States” (The Write Place at the Write Time)
Rotor” (Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts)
School Bus in the Blizzard (Supper Waits)” (Freshwater)
Shifting Junes” (Poetry Super Highway)
Shoelaces(Street Light Press)
Shower” (Euphemism)
Sick” (Belletrist)
Simple Light” (Eunoia Review)
Simple Machines(Randomly Accessed Poetics)
Sleeping Alone” (Freshwater)
Slow Bullet” (The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology)
Smartphones(Gambling the Aisle)
Snapchat” (CircleShow)
Solipsism in the Universe of the Solipsist” (OVS Magazine)
Southbound in February” (The Slag Review)
Space Junk” (Allegro Poetry Magazine)
Spring” (Dragon Poet Review)
Stand-up Comedy” (The Magnolia Review)
Stepdad Thanksgiving (Neologism Poetry Journal)
Storage Space” (Ginosko Literary Journal)
Sunny Days” (Muddy River Poetry Review)
Symbolism for a Millennial Breakup” (Metonym)
Syzygy” (Halfway Down the Stairs)
Taylor Swift” (Picaroon Poetry)
Temporary Treasures (Jokes Review)
The Bang Jangle” (In-flight Literary Magazine)
The Christmases That Were Forever” (The Drunken Llama)
The Funeral” (Chronogram)
The Garbage Disposal(Jokes Review)
The Neighborhood” (Parentheses Journal)
The Return(The Icarus Anthology)
The Robot Rejects the Notion” (1001 Journal)
The Suburban Wild” (Piedmont Journal of Poetry & Fiction)
The Sunflower Field in Yellow Springs” (The Write Place at the Write Time)
They’re Called Background Actors Not Extras” (Jet Fuel Review)
This Lonesome Noise(Randomly Accessed Poetics)
This Sky / This Room” (Twelve Point Collective)
Tiger Balm” (Poetry Super Highway)
Time Apart” (Light: A Journal of Poetry and Photography)
To Davin (From Laurence)” (Perspectives)
To Mandy (From Cece)” (Perspectives)
To Never Return to L.A.” (The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
To Sara (From Kingsford)” (York Literary Review)
** “Transient” (Neologism Poetry Journal)
Two Nightmares in My Car on Rosewood” (Nottingham Review)
Vibration of a Single Degree” (The Magnolia Review)
Victorian Village / West Adams(Home Planet News Online)
Warmth” (East Bay Review)
Weekends (Home Planet News Online)
What We Talk About When We Talk About” (Words Dance)
When You Visit Columbus” (Red Fez)
Wildflowers and Weeds (Metaphor Magazine)
Wingdings” (Belletrist)
Wolves” (Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts)
Work” (Santa Clara Review)
Your Other Lover” (After the Pause)
Zen(Jokes Review)


10514 National Blvd” (VerseWrights)
1st & Delaware” (The City Key)
29th & Vermont” (Eunoia Review)
3:14 AM(Beechwood Review)
Aftermath(Down in the Dirt)
Again” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
Al Jarreau(Memoryhouse)
All the Bulbs are Burning Out” (Isthmus)
Alley Walk into the Dark Park” (Peculiar Mormyrid)
Anew(Thirteen Myna Birds)
Arrival” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
At the Mar Vista Public Library(Viewfinder)
Band Room” (Beech Street Review)
Broke in L.A.” (The Wagon Magazine)
Caesura” (Common Ground Review)
Cardinals” (Thirteen Myna Birds)
Cicadas” (The Road Not Taken)
Chasing the Mouth of the Last Summer Storm” (Vector Magazine)
Church” (Pudding Magazine)
Clothes on the Bed” (The Legendary)
Cooking Potatoes” (The Wagon Magazine)
Clutching My Stomach in the Bathroom” (Picaroon Poetry)
Contest(50 Haikus)
Crystal Snail” (Memoryhouse)
Dead Bugs in the Light Fixture” (Ohio Edit)
Delaware (mannequin haus)
Diamond-Shaped Boxes”  (Eunoia Review)
Dishwasher” (Ghost City Review)
Dog on the Patio” (Black Elephant)
Dogs” (Viewfinder)
Drunken Rambling from the Coast” (Memoryhouse)
East 149th, 6PM” (Beechwood Review)
Election Year” (Black Elephant)
Elevator” (In-flight Literary Magazine)
Ender’s Game” (The Wagon Magazine)
Excessive Drinking(Transcendence Magazine)
Flotation Tank” (Skylark Review)
Following a Trip to the L.A. Zoo(The Virginia Normal)
Franklin Avenue in 2015” (The City Key)
Fog” (Eunoia Review)
Froghead (The Legendary)
Gate C55” (Rust+Moth)
Ghosts” (In-flight Literary Magazine)
Glass Chess(Walking Is Still Honest)
Golden Gate” (riverbabble)
Guys Who Lie About Being Terminally Ill” (Viewfinder)
Happy Hour Whiskey” (Jawline Review)
Hollywood Hills” (November Bees)
Hourglass” (White Ash Literary Magazine)
Hoverer(Eunoia Review)
How We Talk” (Random Poem Tree)
I Tell Her I Love Her(Boston Accent Lit)
‘I Wish I Knew How to Quit You,’ Says the Moon” (Thin Air)
Jack” (Heartbeat: A Literary Journal)
Jazz(The Black Napkin)
Jenga(Tall…ish [Pure Slush Books])
Katalina’s” (Down in the Dirt)
Lance Uppercutski” (WOLVES)
Lance’s Lament(VAYAVYA)
Lawnmower / Guitar” (The Road Not Taken)
Like a Box of Chocolates” (bluepepper)
Lipwarmth / Socks” (Vine Leaves Literary Journal) 
Long Beach” (Random Poem Tree)
Magic(Switched-on Gutenberg)
Martian Waters” (Derails Review)
Max’s Porch” (Pouch)
Mean Machine” (Eunoia Review)
Memories from the Mentone Days(Peeking Cat Poetry)
Memories of My Friends(Gyroscope Review)
Mia Khalifa” (Pouch)
Monday Night Rain” (Birch Gang Review)
Morning” (Thirteen Myna Birds)
* “My Father Was a Beekeeper” (Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal)
My First Conversation with Anna” (mannequin haus)
Night Chill” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
Night Train in Wait (Isthmus)
Nomads” (The City Key)
Observations from the Westside Pavilion Bridge(The City Key) 
Orchard(Botticelli Magazine)
Percussion / Swimming(Modern Poetry Quarterly Review)
Pico Pub Crawl(Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal)
Pier” (Eunoia Review)
Phone Conversation with My Sister on Christmas Day” (Flatbush Review)
Plane Delay” (Little Patuxent Review)
Pool Party” (The Collapsar)
Pretzel” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
Public Urination” (Pouch)
Raskolnikov” (Pudding Magazine)
Recede Into Harmony” (Vine Leaves Literary Journal) 
Ruins” (The Black Napkin)
Runner” (VerseWrights)
Self-image Pep Talk” (Eunoia Review)
Short Return to LA (Rust+Moth)
Skeletons of New Year’s Eve” (Liquid Imagination)
Small Fires” (Writing Knights Grand Tournament Anthology 2016)
So Find Meaning” (Nixes Mate Review)
Start” (Memoryhouse)
Staying at Ben’s Apartment” (Memoryhouse)
Tambourines” (Icarus Down Review)
Teeth, Eggs, and the City Limits (Or: Tinder)” (The City Key)
Thanksgiving, 2015” (petrichor)
The Cough” (Random Poem Tree)
The Dust” (The Legendary)
The Photograph Was a Drunken Winter” (Scarlet Leaf Review)
The Sacrament of Confession in Catholic School” (Corium Magazine)
The Star Exhales One Final Breath(Corvus Review)
The Undo Feature in Gmail” (Corium Magazine)
The Whole World or Nothing” (Walking Is Still Honest)
Thirst” (Eunoia Review)
Tinder” (Ink in Thirds)
To Emily (From Angel)” (VAYAVYA)
To Paige (From Jack)(Sediments Literary-Arts Journal)
Trinity” (Petite Hound Press) 
Trombone” (Silkworm)
Trust Issue” (Thirteen Myna Birds)
Two Guys, Two Gallons of Yuengling, Two Plastic Jugs” (Cacti Fur)
Two-Year Lovesong” (The Open Mouse)
USA Junkyards” (Ghost City Review)
Warehouse Beach” (Crack the Spine)
Watching Trains Pass By” (November Bees)
Wave” (SHANTIH Journal)
We Were Shadows” (November Bees)
What Einstein Got Right” (The Manhattanville Review)
Why Dogs Would Be Great Film Directors” (Nude Bruce Review)
You Can Almost Hear Her Breathing” (Vine Leaves Literary Journal) 
Young Skeletons” (The Broken Plate)


A Raccoon Knocked Over a Garbage Bin” (SYZYGY Poetry Journal)
A Walk Through Palms” (The Quotable)
Aketeko” (Oxford Magazine)
Along a Morning Fence” (The Birds We Piled Loosely)
Beach Mouth” (The Magnolia Review)
Because I Never Listened to Your Stories” (NEAT.)
Bedbug” (Torrid Literature Journal)
Before I Loved Her” (The Release)
Bicycle Wheels, Empty Parking Lots” (Beechwood Review)
Blizzard(Vine Leaves Literary Journal) 
Blue Digger Bee” (Prong & Posy)
Bonfires on the Outskirts” (Vine Leaves Literary Journal)
Brazilian Music All Around Us” (Revolution John)
Breathe Trees” (The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society)
Catholic School, 2:55 PM” (First Class Lit)
Christmas Eve, 2014” (Whale Road Review)
Clinton, Ohio” (Rubbertop Review)
Dim” (SYZYGY Poetry Journal)
** “Eat Your Face” (VAYAVYA)
Egyptian Ratscrew” (Little River Review)
Finn” (White Stag)
Five-Star Hotel” (Little River Review)
Freckles” (Third Wednesday)
From Mother” (The Birds We Piled Loosely)
Future Men” (Suburban Diaspora)
Headache – Internal Bleeding” (The Literary Commune)
Helium Dreams” (NEAT.)
How to Hit on Ladies” (Euphemism)
Hyacinth Rose” (The Bitter Oleander)
In the Future I Will Drink More Coffee” (Sobotka Literary Magazine)
In the Morning” (S/WORD)
January” (Cosmonauts Avenue)
Kristen Stewart’s Cigarette” (Oatmeal Magazine)
Love Note to Women I Have Loved” (Revolution John)
Meditations on Sleeping in My Car” (Prong & Posy)
Mineshaft Clouds & Foggy Mornings” (Torrid Literature Journal)
Music Enough to Make One Mad” (Cartridge Lit)
Near-Collision” (Lines + Stars)
Nothing Makes Sense and I’m Glad We Understand That” (SYZYGY Poetry Journal)
Palm Springs” (S/WORD)
Pretty Autumn Sunset” (The Literary Commune)
R+X” (Clementine Poetry Journal)
Rhododendron” (Blue Skirt Productions)
Rob Delaney” (LEVELER)
Seatless Unicycle” (Corvus Review)
Slinky” (Chaffey Review)
Sugar” (S/WORD)
The 2 A.M. Pacific Retreat” (Loveliest)
The Real Memorial Day” (Petite Hound Press)
The Universe Necessarily Sends Metaphors” (Glassworks)
Theory of the Universe” (99 Pine Street)
Tiny Vodka Glasses” (Loveliest)
Tongue” (S/WORD)
Unicorn” (White Stag)
Up and Down the Stairs” (Corvus Review)
Utah Sandstone” (Turk’s Head Review)
What I Want” (Linden Avenue Literary Journal)
What We’ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate” (Icebox Journal)
Who We Are” (First Class Lit)
Work of Man” (Ping-Pong)


Adulthood” (White Stag)
Baklava Smile” (Enaegon Magazine)
Belief” (On the Rusk)
f(x)=4x+2” (Columbia College Literary Review)
Firefly Burning Orange” (Halcyon Magazine)
Genetics” (CARNIVAL)
Impermanence” (Hermes Poetry Journal)
k.k.” (White Stag)
LeBron Comes Home” (Perspective Literary Magazine)
Renee on Her Birthday” (FishFood Literary & Creative Arts Magazine)
Superstars” (if&when)
Valeria in Hollywood” (NEAT.)
What We Pieced Together About Our Father After His Death (Dual Coast Magazine)
Workday” (Chronopolis)


Long-Distance” (The Metric)
Memorial Day” (WISH Poetry Press)
Seaweed” (100 Doors to Madness) [FICTION]

*Nominated for the Best of the Net anthology
**Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

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