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Past Readings:

Sunday, September 19, 2021 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM – Peripatetic Poets Feature – Zoom

Saturday, August 7, 2021 – Millvale Music Festival @ The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA (with Cal LaFountain, Chelsea Margaret Bodnar, Stephen Lin, and Bob Walicki)

Monday, July 12, 2021 – Columbus Poetry Forum – Zoom

May 2020 – Juke Joint Reading Series – Instagram Live (with Emily Banks, Claire Hancock, Esteban Rodriguez, and Thea Swanson)

May 2019 – Millvale Music Festival – Millvale, PA

April 2019 – Poetry Fundraiser for the Millvale Community Library (with Chelsea Margaret Bodnar, Halsey Hyer, Bob Walicki, Stephen Lin, and Merrick Soleil) – Millvale, PA

October 2018 – Hell’s Lid Reading Series @ Full Pint Wild Side Bar (with Halsey Hyer, Sarah Rose, and Stephen Lin) – Pittsburgh, PA

June 2018 – Cultural Arts Center Poetry Reading (with Charlene Fix and Joy Sullivan) – Columbus, OH

April 2018 – Paging Columbus – “Cross-Pollination” – Columbus, OH

May 2018 – Nervous Dog Poetry Night – Akron, OH

October 2017 – Sight of Music: Stratifications (with Scott Woods, Anisa Gandevivala, Geoff Anderson, Aaron Alsop, Louise Robertson, and others) – Columbus, OH

June 2017 – Columbus Arts Fest – Word Is Art Stage (with Andrew Anderson, Sara Jane Trattner, and Alexis Rueal)

June 2017 – Take the Knight Off – Poetry Showcase (with Kristin Werstler and Marcus V. Calvert) – Canton, OH

May 2017 – The Other Open Mic –  The Frayed Edge of Memory Book Release – Columbus, OH

May 2017 – Melanincholy Festival (Columbus, OH)

May 2017 – The Other Box: Mixed Poetry Performances (with Rachel Wiley, Paige Quiñones, Dave Nichols, Greg Anderson, Christopher Farris, Sayuri Ayers, Aaron Alsop, and Kimberly Brazwell)

December 2016 – Second Friday Fete – Feature (with Steve Abbott) – Hilliard, OH

September 2016 – PorchRokr Festival (with Ilenia Pezzaniti, Theresa Göttl Brightman, and Steve Brightman) – Akron, OH

July 2016 – Writing Knights Grand Tournament V (with Ephraim Nehemiah, Jamie Laubacher, Jordan Sandidge, and Dionne D. Hunter) – Canton, OH

May 2016 – The Poetry Forum – William Redding Memorial Prize Winner Feature – Columbus, OH

April 2016 – Poetry Reading at The James Cancer Hospital (with Alexis Rueal, Bill Hurley, and Andrew Anderson)

February 2016 – Borderlands – Poetry Feature (with Bill Hurley) – Mansfield, OH

November 2014 – White Stag Issue 2 Release Reading (with Sara Vander Zwaag and Nate Maxson) – Berkeley, CA